Oh, and it is not likely a mission, simply scan Dekuuna’s moon, pick up no matter you find there and report back to that Elcor to complete the quest. When I go to that planet there is not any choice to land or scan. I know I found an Elcor asset there, but that is not the identical as this mission.

She’s standing proper subsequent to her and it’s tempting. So tempting, to simply put his arm round her waist and give her a squeeze earlier than she jumps out of the shuttle. “Be secure out there,” he says softly. Even with fifty of their largest transports, far too many elcor won’t have the power to go away the planet.

The story picks up after Shepard gives a rousing speech and rallies half of the Elcors to stay and fight, sacrificing their lives so the others may survive. There’s an prolonged cutscene, followed by Shepard serving to the suicide mission. Another two reapers are destroyed.

The ambassador desires Shepard to journey to Dekuuna, the elcor homeworld, and rescue the captive survivors. This guide will help players to find Dekuuna in Mass Effect 3. Completing the 5 Reputation and a hundred and twenty XP task. “The Elcor have requested an emergency extraction for warriors and civilians trapped on their homeworld of Dekuuna. As they begin to land, Garrus switches to the private channel he and Shepard share.

The elcor rightly insisted that the aged and young get off the planet first. Because in fact you do, Shepard says dryly. I’m not trying to win a struggle today, Garrus. As soon because the elcor are loaded, bug out.

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Garrus questioned Shepard about that back in her quarters, about her choice to go after the Code of the Ancients. She merely looked at him and mentioned the banner of the primary regiment and Garrus realized he completely had no argument. The shuttle is in simulation mode, which implies Cortez is clearly working towards.

And standing around the sparring ring is EDI, Javik, Vega, and Liara. Would be a full home if Shepard had her way. But Tali is preventing an infection because of their mission on Rannoch and Ashley is off doing her SPECTRE thing. They drop their entwined hands the second simply earlier than the elevator doors open. Garrus seems over at Shepard and watches the delicate transformation from the love of his life to Commander Shepard.

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