Sometimes, even the most perfect outfit feels incomplete. These moments happen, and when they do, the solution is usually the same: accessories. The goal is to use accessories correctly, and the following tips can help you with that.

The Statement

Every so often, you only need one thing to complete the look. If you’re going to do this, be sure that the accessory can make an impact on your outfit. This isn’t the time to go small but rather bold and big. If you have colorful sunglasses you haven’t used yet, then this is the time. Statement pieces are perfect when your outfit is relatively simple. You will be surprised how much of a difference an accessory can make to your outfit.

Accentuating Something

Maybe you want to accentuate something special today. Maybe you’ve got a new haircut that looks spectacular, or maybe your makeup looks exceptional. When it’s important to accentuate something, the best way to use accessories is to find something that’ll draw attention to where it needs to go. Those trying to accentuate makeup should consider earrings. Silpada, for example, has some interesting silver earrings that’ll get folks to look that way. Use this same principle for anything, such as a nail job or some lovely shoes you just got.

Balance is Key

Always work on creating a balance when you accessorize your outfit. You know that if you’re going to wear something simple, it’s okay to wear a bold statement piece. The reason this works is that there’s a balance. Do the same for other things. If you decide to wear large hoop earrings but want to accessorize a little more, your other jewelry should be smaller. If you’re going to wear a purse, make sure the purse is a simple one. The focus should not be on the biggest jewelry piece. If you want your outfit to be bold, then your accessories have to be understated. When you create balance, your outfit looks better.

Consider the Occasion

Accessorizing an outfit isn’t just about the outfit. You also have to consider the event or occasion. If the occasion is somewhat formal, you want to stick to traditional jewelry pieces and understated accessories. While bold items are sometimes allowed, normally, these items still have to be formal. A big diamond or sophisticated necklace could work, while something artistic or surreal probably would look out of place. Accessorize according to the occasion, and you’ll be fine.

Think of Yourself

It’s important to consider certain aspects of yourself when you accessorize. This means thinking about your skin tone before you buy something. Cooler skin tones work better with silver or lighter stones. Warmer skin tones work best with gold and darker-colored stones. You should also consider your eye color. Sometimes, the stones you choose can clash with your eyes or accentuate them. You can match your jewelry to your eye color, or you can choose a color that pairs well using the color wheel.

Now, you know what you have to do to accessorize yourself for any event and outfit. Hopefully, these tips help you look your best every time.


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