If you enjoy the benefits of CBD, you must be aware that it can boost your well-being. But how is CBD made? Before producing CBD oils, reputable CBD companies found here ensure that each step is done precisely. It’s important to know the different CBD oil production techniques since how CBD is extracted affects the final product’s purity and efficacy. In this article, we will cover the different CBD extraction methods and how they work.

CBD Extractions Methods

There are many techniques to extract CBD, but most consumers do not know about them.  You may be consuming CBD oil extracted with toxic materials. Therefore, knowing these methods will help determine if your CBD oil is safe or not. Here are some common methods.

  • Carbon Dioxide (C02) Extraction

The CO2 method is a complex, advanced and expensive way to extract CBD, which leads to high-quality CBD oil. CBD oil that results from CO2 extraction is usually concentrated, extremely safe, and free from toxicity.

There are several means for the CO2 extraction process, but it’s generally performed using a machine known as a closed-loop extractor. A closed-loop extractor has three sections. When the CO2 goes from the first to the second section, it changes to a state between gas and liquid, known as “supercritical CO2”, extracting the compounds from the hemp plant material. The mixture then goes to the third chamber, where CBD oil is separated from the mixture.

  • Liquid Solvents

One of the most common ways to extract CBD oil is through a liquid solvent. The different solvents common in CBD extraction include ethanol, butane, hydrocarbon, propane, and isopropyl.

To extract CBD with a liquid solvent, manufacturers dissolve the waxes in the cannabis plant to release cannabinoids such as CBD.  It typically involves soaking hemp flowers and plant trimmings in the solvent. Afterward, the trimmings and the solvent are evaporated, allowing only the concentrated cannabinoid solution.

  • Steam Distillation

This method was popular among our ancestors who used it to extract essential oils from various plants for centuries. Nowadays manufacturers use it to extract CBD from hemp plants. This method involves putting hemp plant fibers in a glass flask. This flask contains an inlet that runs from another glass flask below that is filled with water and an outlet that runs from the central flask to a condenser tube.

Heating the water in the container connected to the inlet produces steam which breaks down the oils and waxes in the hemp plant, releasing the CBD compounds. The vapors are captured within the glass flask and initially move into the condenser tube where they condense, producing a mixture of CBD oil and water. Afterward, the oil and water mixture are separated.

What is the Best Way to Extract CBD?

Without CBD extraction, your favorite CBD store would be limited to dried CBD flowers. CO2 extraction is arguably superior to other methods since it produces high-quality and very safe CBD. After extraction, the oil is infused into various products, including edibles, gummies, and tinctures.


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