It takes a professional team of developers to bring your app thoughts to life, which is what every software startup founder hopes for. However, it can be difficult to find qualified staff if you’re starting a firm in a country with a shortage of IT talent. The talent competition will also raise pay.

It is not surprising that many IT business owners decide to hire an offshore software development company to create their applications. Outsourcing enables you to meet tight production schedules at a fair cost. In this post, we will discuss offshore software development in general and how to choose the finest offshore IT team.

What Services Does Offshore Software Development Provides?

A foreign-based app development company provides offshore software development services, which are outsourcing services. A place distant from your current location is referred to as offshore. Offshoring frequently involves two countries with a minimum eight-hour time difference.

There has been a surge in custom application development software companies over the past few decades. Consequently, there is a rising demand from digital businesses seeking to expand their IT skills to engage offshore development teams. For instance, in the beginning, WhatsApp hired Russian programmers to build its apps.

How Offshore Software Development Adds Value?

It is not complicated to think why offshore software development has emerged as a well-known trend among startups. There are various factors in how offshore adds value to your business.

Cost Reduction

One of the main reasons business owners prefer to work with an offshore software development company is the lower professional rates. Countries that outsource often have lower costs of living. Software developers make a minuscule portion of what their counterparts in the US and UK make in countries like Ukraine, China, and India.

For instance, a software developer in the US has average pay of $97,793; in Ukraine, a developer’s average monthly salary is $3,000. Therefore, selecting a less expensive service with equivalent or better outputs is a good business move. 

Access to Diverse Talent

The US and Canada are known for having innovative startups. But there is a persistent shortage of IT talent there. If you opt to offshore your app development needs, you can pick from a vast pool of software experts.

Working with an offshore development team provides you access to talent that may be difficult to discover among local candidates and avoids competition from industry heavyweights.

Proven Experience

More than just a development team is needed to produce an effective app. As a co-founder, you might not have the time or technical expertise to oversee a team of IT experts.

It is advisable to work with competent offshore software developers rather than focusing on something other than the company. It’s possible that offshore developers handled your project, and their prior experience will save you from making simple mistakes.


Startups need to maintain an agile structure, and hiring a development team could incur extra costs. By utilizing custom application services, you can decide how to work in a method that feels natural to you. For instance, you may pay the vendor for the time and materials rather than agreeing to a fixed upfront price.

Fewer Risks

It is impossible to overstate the dangers involved in the development of software. Both sides agree to the terms and conditions, and when outsourcing, they divide the impact and risk management.

Offshore development lowers risk exposure because your organization will share responsibilities with your outsourced service provider. It helps you minimize total risk since it facilitates your adjustment to changing market conditions. 

When to Hire Offshore Software Developers?

The benefits of offshoring are appealing, but how do you identify the right time to outsource? If you relate to any following situations, you should consider working with an offshore software provider.

You’re on a Budget

When money is tight, maintaining your startup demands a strong cash flow. Hiring local developers could increase your monthly expenses significantly and cause problems in other parts of your business.

Working with an offshore software development company is a more economical choice. You can access the best tech talent without committing to pay an outrageous monthly salary.

You Want to Reduce the Development Time

For people with minimal experience, creating an app may take far longer than necessary. You must ensure that the engineers work as a team in addition to picking the top candidates.

If deadlines are pressing, your best choice is to work with offshore developers. They have worked on various projects, and their experiences will help you get there.

You Need Certain Skills

Perhaps you’re creating an app that uses cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, or machine learning. Regrettably, certain regions have trouble finding individuals with technological abilities.

Offshoring gives you access to professionals in cutting-edge technological domains. For instance, Ukrainian developers quickly adopt new technologies and use them in their work.


Outsourcing to an offshore development company benefits startups in evolved countries greatly. Besides reduced costs, collaborating with an offshore service provider gives you access to a massive talent pool. It is the best choice for launching your application in the shortest time.




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