Through Augur the world would never finish if the conquering never ended, which led to propaganda about how superb the king was. The Neo-Assyrian empire ended after it lost a battle within the city of _______ in 612 BCE. And three, without writing I would not have a job. So I’d wish to personally thank Mesopotamia for making it attainable for me to work whereas reclining in my La-Z-Boy.

Cuneiform to document transactions like what number of bushes of wheat have been traded for goats. Today’s episode of Crash Course was produced and directed by Stan Muller, our script supervisor is Danica Johnson, the show is written by my highschool historical past teacher, Raoul Meyer, with some help from myself, and our graphics team is Thought Bubble. The greatest downside with empires is that, by definition, they’re various and multi-ethnic, which makes them onerous to unify. So starting round 911 BCE, the neo-Assyrian Empire grew from its hometowns of Ashur and Nineveh to incorporate the entire of Mesopotamia, the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean, and even, by 680 BCE, Egypt. So once more we see the authority for the protection of the social order shifting to males, not gods, which is essential, but don’t fret.

The Tigris and Euphrates are respectable as rivers go, but Mesopotamia isn’t any Indus Valley, with its on-schedule flooding and easy irrigation. A lot of slave labor was needed to make the Tigris and Euphrates helpful for irrigation. They are also tarascan symbols troublesome to navigate and flood unpredictably and violently. Violent, unpredictable, and difficult to navigate; oh, Tigris and Euphrates, the way you remind me of my faculty girlfriend.

So about 5000 years in the past, within the land “meso,” or between, the Tigris and Euphrates “potomoi,” or rivers, cities started popping up, very comparable to that they had in our old pal the Indus River valley. These early Mesopotamian cities engaged in a form of socialism the place farmers contributed their crops to public storehouses, out of which staff, like metalworkers, or builders, or male models, or whatever, could be paid uniform wages in grain. This document contains questions for school kids to reply while they view the corresponding Crash Course episode.

First, that early proto-socialism was changed by one thing that seemed so much like non-public enterprise, where people may produce as much as they want so lengthy as they gave a reduce, also recognized as taxes, to the federal government. We speak plenty of smack about taxes however it seems they’re pretty necessary to create stable social orders. Hammurabi’s major claim to fame is his famous legislation code, which established everything from just like the wages of ox drivers to the truth that the punishment for taking a watch must be having a watch taken. Hammurabi’s law code may be fairly insanely harsh, like if a builder builds a shoddy building, after which the proprietor’s son dies in a collapse, the punishment for that is the execution of the builder’s son!

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